I am having an interior spray at my home for general pests, do I have to be out of my home? If so, how long?

Yes - approximately 2 to 4 hours to allow the chemical to dry. We highly recommend for individuals in your home with special accommodations consult your doctor.

Can pets stay inside after a general interior spray?

No - everyone including pests need to be out of the residence to allow the chemical to dry.

I have routine Monthly service, but I am having a problem with Ants why?

Ants are subterranean insects. They live underground and can travel and make their ways through cracks in walls and concrete. We highly recommend bait if you have them in the interior of your home.

Are the chemicals being used considered safe?

State law requires you are made aware: CAUTION-PESTICIDES ARE TOXIC CHEMICALS

Does General spray protect against Mice/Rats?

No. However services such as bait stations, trapping, and exclusions are available at an additional charge.

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